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First Impressions

Some helpful tips

Property presentation is crucial when it comes to selling, however it’s important not to over-stage your home.

To maximise the final sale price and to sell the property in the shortest timeframe sellers do need to make the effort to present their homes in the best possible way, but when preparing a property for inspection it’s important not to over-do it as that could backfire.

A clean and well-maintained home should be a minimum, but be wary of creating an empty, sterile environment stripped of personality for example.   

If a property has a “lived in” look and feel it will typically be more appealing to potential buyers. They will be able to more easily imagine themselves living in the home if they can get a sense of how the property is enjoyed now from the human touches of the current owners.  

At the opposite end of the scale, if you decide to add furniture, art or other items in order to create a certain look, be careful not to add so many touches that potential buyers end up focusing on the ‘stuff’ and don’t look at the house or grounds properly.

Whatever you do it’s important not to be obviously contrived in how you stage your home as potential buyers will see through it and could be distracted, or put off entirely, by it.

In summary, common sense and subtlety will usually prevail, with the aim being to make your property’s features and not its presentation buyers’ talking point.

If you have questions on presenting your home and the subtle extras that can make a powerful difference talk to your Harcourts Sales Consultant who can advise you of the common turn-ons and turn-offs.

Tip: Don’t forget some people are afraid of or allergic to animals, so bear that in mind if you have pets as you don’t want to stop potential buyers from coming through the gate or door during your open homes.