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Low supply, strong demand in 'as is' market

'As is' buyers bemoan lack of available properties

The 'as is, where is' market continues to remain consistent and while the volume is lower, the demand remains strong. Having recently chalked up our 300th 'as is, where is' sale, it would be fair to say we have the t-shirt when it comes to transacting the sale and purchase of this niche and specialised market.


Remember when engaging us, we have the expertise, a 1,900+ strong database, skill to prepare the appropriate sale and purchase agreemens, and proven marketing that is currently running at a 100% success rate under the hammer year to date. Managing multiple interest in these propoerties is what we do well, in most instances this ensures better results and more money in your back pocket!


With a host of cashed up buyers bemoaning the lack of available properties, be sure to talk to us today about getting the most out of your earthquake-damaged property.