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2,000+ 'as is' purchasers at the click of a button

Updated 28 May 2019

Effective online database

With our first as is where sale dating back to May 2012 and more than 330 sales later it's probably fair to say the that Team Griff have the t-shirt when it comes to ‘as is, where is’ sales.


As the lead consultant of this innovative team of consultants, I have always said systems are key to a successful real estate operation. Team Griff's efficient way of harvesting email contacts has equated to now having an as is where is data base well north of 2,000 subscribers.


A simple system of accumulating enquiry generated whilst marketing these well-followed and sought-after listings has provided us with a massive advantage when it comes to marketing any ‘as is, where is’ property Christchurch-wide. Whether it be on the hills or by the beach in the east, the chances are we have a buyer, or rather a handful of buyers for your ‘as is, where is’ property.


Just today I quipped to a potential client: "If I can't find a buyer for your home from our 2,000 strong ‘as is, where is’ database then I probably deserve to be sacked!"


Each time we list a property we simply email this target market which results in well attended open homes and consistent direct enquiry. We’re also in regular contact with some of the city’s most active buyers.



Property specific information online

Further, we also provide extensive property specific info via PropertyFiles where engineering, geotechnical, EQC and other pertinent property information is uploaded as each new listing is launched to the market.


Prospective purchasers relish the fact that any and all of our listings have the information readily available which in turn saves them time and money because they can drill down to the properties best suited for their specific needs before leaving home.


Empowering people with creditable information is key to building confidence, which in turn means they can make well informed and sensible decisions. Tradespeople and specialised remedial companies can often have a good grasp of the cost and type of remediation strategy needed for a property by the time they inspect. It is no wonder like today, we sold a property at auction with three committed bidders in the room following the property just being on the market for a mere five days!



Can anybody sell them?

Many agents are putting their hand up to sell these feistily sought-after properties. However, unquestionably it is a specialist who can provide the experience, knowledge and expertise to not only sell them but also maximise the result. Understanding everything from the claim settlement process, to a having a solid grasp of the real damage and structural status, through to the critical contractual terms, is vital. Actually drafting the contractual terms to adequately protect both purchaser and vendor is of utmost importance. The potential consequences of an incorrectly drafted sale and purchase agreement are far reaching, let alone costly and stressful.


Here at Team Griff we can take that stress away and have robust systems in place to ensure a seamless process from listing through to sold and for a happy thereafter.


Call us today in confidence to talk about the sale or purchase of uninsured as is where is property. It's a market we know like the back of our hand.


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